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SSD Advantages in WordPress Hosting

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SSD Advantages in WordPress Hosting

SSD Advantages in WordPress Environments

industrial-usb-flash-drivesSolid-state drives (SSDs) are becoming the new standard for online data storage, and it is expected they will be used more often going into the future. While this does not mean that hard-disk drives (HDDs) are obsolete, it does mean that SSDs offer many advantages despite having less storage. Some consider HDDs to be a weak link between a web server and a user. The benefits of using SSDs are outlined below.

• Durability and longer life. One large drawback of using HDDs is they are fragile and often break if a laptop is dropped. SSDs are resilient and may even outlast the rest of the machine. Since they have no moving parts, SSDs run cooler and have a much longer life than HDDs.

• Speed. An SSD has an access time that is over 100 times faster than an HDD. With an average of 35 to 100 microseconds, an SSD can boot a typical system in about 12 seconds, deliver exceptional responsiveness and load applications fast.

• Lightweight. The lack of moving parts make high reliability SSDs perfect for travel and mobile computing. Laptops with SSDs are also often smaller and thinner than those with HDDs, making them easier to work on in tight spaces like airplanes.

• Reliable and efficient. An SSD stores data using flash memory, which has higher efficacy than an HDD. The drive also uses less power, extending battery life for users, even when watching videos and performing other resource-intensive activities.

• Easy to install. Unlike HDDs, SSDs do not require any training or experience to install. The job can be done in a few minutes, using only a screwdriver.

• Various sizes. SSDs are available in 1″, 1.8″ and 2.5″ sizes. This means there is an appropriate replacement for most HDDs. Because of this, computer users are recommended to use SSDs as the main drive on their machines. This allows the operating system and programs to run at peak efficiency.

SSDs are the new trend, and the wave of the future. They will continue to revolutionize the way people work and compute.