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What is the native advertising? 3 Definitions

Digital Seer / What is the native advertising? 3 Definitions

Native advertising is a relatively new term for those commercials that are made in the form of infomercial. An announcement is inserted into the editorial content, so that seems integral part thereof. The story then becomes a means of advertising and sent to a specific target and interested, interacting more with it by reading and understanding the message.A study by Column Five, companies that buy advertising are willing to invest in native advertising trends by 57% in companies that offer, although only 34% of publishers are willing to adopt this method. Here are three definitions to better understand the term “native advertising.”

Benjamin Stein, CEO of the Digital Marketing Agency Archseer, defines it as “a type of media that is built into the current visual design, where ads are part of the content.”

Jim Spanfeller, CEO of PPC Agency Spanfeller Media Group, agrees that the native advertising is not exactly new, it’s been around for decades, “like everything else, provides a new sensation and perhaps more efficient in terms of delivering the advantage Internet, but we had a lot of content on everything from sponsored television (soap operas, infomercials) to magazines and newspapers (in special sections) and radio. This new “” discovery “falls into the category of” what is old is new again? “, But this does not mean that the native advertising is not useful. In appropriate places, it is. But to suggest that this rediscovery will end the era of the banner is just silly. It has its place, but at the end of the day, readers and viewers have a relationship with professionals creating content that is unique and smart enough to understand the differences between generated content for general consumption against the content created to sell a product or service. ”

On the other hand, the director of The Economist, Paul Rossi says Adwords Expert that despite all the noise and fashion that is producing the term, the native advertising “is the method by which marketers use content to engage readers much more effective than standard advertising “, but the real problem is that these marketers” should initiate and develop a dialogue with readers about ideas that, in effect, a simple ad is not enough. What is needed is a link building service program to strengthen the debate and discussion through these channels of social events “.