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Link Earning / SEO / link building strategy limited edition

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Link Earning / SEO / link building strategy limited edition

green-linkearningLink Earning / SEO  Experts/ link building strategy limited edition

The link building works: new ways of Link Building

Definitely, link building is not what it was. With the famous Google algorithm update called Penguin many link building techniques that were formerly no longer do.

Now the premium quality over quantity and SEO professionals we update our strategies to continue positioning the content. But … do you work now?

Proposing an effective link building service

First, note that any link building strategy is characterized by four parameters:

1. Number of new links

2. Quality of new links

3. Speed creating new links

4. Diversity in the number of domains that receive links

Usually the perfect link building strategy would be one capable of getting a good number of quality links for a quick way (except for new domains in which it would be unnatural speed) from a large number of domains.

That said … What really works now?

What overtook the beginning of the article, the premium quality over quantity. In this sense we choose platforms pioneer in our industry, our own language and that has not been penalized.

The guest blogging (or participate in external platforms items) whenever works best. Logically you should choose websites that are of quality (language, theme etc.). Thanks to guest blogging you not only get a new link but also come to a new audience improving your circulation.

The social link building has gained importance with the latest updates from Google. The reason? Because growing day by day the number of users and the time spent on these media. Besides these users give much value to the votes and comments posted by others. How can we leverage social networks in the SEO rankings?

Creating our own profiles on major social networks from which we will promote our content. Furthermore, in some of these profiles (like Pinterest and Google Plus link will be dofollow). As you grow your profiles authority higher value will these links.

Enabling users to share our content including link building services buttons leading social networks in our posts, pages, product sheets and so on.

Building a community around our brand inclined to share and link our content.

Participating in groups and communities with professional and profiles of our sector, likely to share our publications.

The naturalness of both domains as anchor text (or text link) is key for our actions work to avoid being penalized now. Taking it to the extreme, it would be natural that a page would receive 2000 links with the same anchor text from a single domain.

Therefore, you should diversify full text of the link. Not always use the keywords you want to position, using semantic variations, call to action like “click here”, the brand name and so on.

And finally the content is a source of attracting more important links. Quality content that adds value, as a bellwether, make it fun or even controversial is more likely to attract links naturally.

Link building techniques that no longer work

Most link building techniques that were formerly no longer do. The following are all techniques that you should not use, and using them, you should do so with reservations.

Article directories have lost their former effectiveness. Now only work those who have followed some minimum quality criteria for all these years, for example, review the contents before publishing censoring those sites of dubious morality (casinos, sex etc.). Still, it is preferable guest blogging on a site where the theme is the same as that of our website.

The tools to create thousands of links within hours. Remember, premium quality over quantity.?

Blog networks. Many pages in order to get authority, partner with other exchanging links in fixed areas of the page and the footer or sidebar. In addition to this strategy is not natural (hundreds of links are created from a single domain pointing to a single page with anchor text idéntigo) Google increasingly easier to detect these networks of blogs.?

Buying links … with shades. At the moment there is no problem in terms of SEO in buying a bond provided is of quality (press release etc.). The problem arises when buying thousands of links of dubious quality.?

The spam comments on PPC Company  blogs. Absolutely nothing happens by posting a comment on another platform providing value and linking to your site, the problem is created when thousands of spam comments with identical texts are automated.?

Run away from link farms, no longer work and can be very harmful.

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