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Agency specializing in the optimization of the conversion rate

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Understand and convince your visitors and convert them to … customer!

Digital Seer helps startups with great potential and ambitious companies to convert more visitors into customers. And multiply their profitability.

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The fastest way to drive growth
of your website.

And multiply your sales (or your leads). Without spending more on advertising. Neither increase your traffic.
Let’s be honest. 100 visitors who come to your site, how many become customers? 2%? 1%? Less ?

This means that 98% – or more! – Leave you with nothing to report. The traffic you have yet difficult – and dearly! – acquired. Whether via Google AdWords, Facebook, thanks to SEO, etc.

So many visitors, and invested time and money to bring them, which fly away in seconds. And as additional income beside which you pass.


But if you could get that percentage (conversion rate optimization CRO) from 1% to 2, 3 or even 4%?

This means up to 4 times more revenue immediately! Without additional traffic. Without any marketing expenditure and more. So revenues and profitability exploding! And means to ensure the sustainability and growth of your business.

How ? By improving the attractiveness and ability of your site to convert your visitors into customers. This is what is called optimizing conversion rates …
Explosive growth of your sales. Guarantee.
At Digital Seer, optimizing the conversion rate is the purpose of our agency. Because we know that this is one of the fastest ways to ensure a profitable and explosive growth of your sales (or your leads) on the Internet.

That is why we support AZ startups with great potential and ambitious companies to convert more visitors into customers. Grow their sales. And boost their growth.

And these are not just empty words. We contractually guarantee the increase of the turnover of your website.

With a commitment: No blah. Concrete. Results. And a support A to Z.
Increasing your sales
in two (or three!) figures …
Thanks to the specific methodology that we have developed, we get results average between 50% and 350% increase in conversion rate. In practice, we win every customer on average
from $ 75,000 to $ 500,000 extra per year.


(% Increase of the conversion rate obtained by our customers after
of our action. On average 50 to 350%.)

All without advertising or extra traffic. Both say that profits explode! You have more customers. You gain market share. And take a decisive advantage over your competitors.
The most profitable investment you’ll make this year for your business …

These tens or hundreds of thousands additional EUR generated each year represent a great opportunity to expand your business and its growth. You have more resources to be able, for example:

You develop internationally
Launch new products or services and invest more in R & D
Sustain your business, increase margins and profits
Recruiting new employees
Invest in new distribution channels and / or prospecting

And we are particularly proud to be able, at our level, helping our customers to ensure the development and growth their business.


More customers. And more profitable marketing campaigns.

One of the other great benefits of our work is that the profitability of your marketing campaigns will fly. Each client costs you “cheaper” to acquire. And increase your margins.

What, for example, at a time when the cost per click continue climbing on Google AdWords, has its small utility …

You will be able to invest more, and more profitably. Google AdWords Agency in SEO in display campaign or even on other media (press, radio and TV). Which means reach more potential customers and ahead of your competitors.

Interested ? So, first things first …
Here the principle behind the optimization of the conversion rates …
In 2002, Eric Schmidt, then CEO of Google, announced: “The Internet will transform marketing through its ability to ‘tracking’.” More than 10 years later, it has never been truer.

Everything on your website can be measured. (That you knew that already!). But it also means that everything can be tested.

This is a huge advantage for your sales and increase your income! You can optimize your conversion rate and the ability of your site to convert your visitors into customers on this or objective results, not assumptions.

Notably thanks to the so-called A / B testing and split-testing.

An A / B testing allows you to:

Create one or more versions of the same page of your site
Scientifically measure which version is most effective to bring your visitors:
buy your / your product (s) or service (s)
ask for a quote
.. or any action you want them to do
Retain and use the winning version on your website

For this, 50% of your visitors are automatically redirected to version A. And 50% to version B. That which generated the best results is the winner.

That you seem super interesting but a bit complicated technically? Expect more …
Optimization of conversion rate is not
(only) a matter of technique!

And why some would have you believe otherwise …

Less than 3 minutes to set up an A / B testing!

Some of our competitors are probably not going to like it much. But let’s be honest, you do not need an agency to set up an A / B test. Neither of us. Or anyone.

And while some use words that seem complicated (tagging plan MVT test, etc.) to try to have you believe, this is not the case.

Create an A / B test, it takes you 3 minutes in Analytics. And it’s free! And even specialized tools like Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer or A / B Tasty (a French initiative to salute!), The setting is fast and simple enough. And technical integration on your site is done in 30 seconds.

We encourage you to do the same! We love working with clients that already have a culture of “testing”.

But the A / B testing service are only a tool.

Contrary to widespread belief, optimizing the conversion rate is not just to do A / B testing. An A / B test is used to compare the efficacy of one or more variants. It’s great and indispensable.

But the real question – by far the most difficult – is: what to test? How to know what to change, beyond relying on the chance? And most importantly, how to design a new and more persuasive version that will increase your sales by 150% or 200%?

And that’s where we come in.
Here’s our “magic formula” to achieve
these exceptional results …
Well … Let’s be honest, there really is no “magic formula”. Could it really believable, anyway?

We have, for cons, developed a specific methodology that allows us to generate an average increase of 50% to 350% of the conversion rate and revenue for each of our clients. Based on years of experiments and practice, and hundreds of hours of work. This is the Lemon Conversion Model.

But before you present it in detail back to an important point.


There are three common mistakes made by many in the sector:
Mistake # 1. Be based on a list of “best practices” views and magazines to optimize its site. You know, the ones supposed to walk every time, but which ultimately gives no result …
Mistake # 2. Directly start optimizing your website by creating new variants. Based on assumptions. And no objective elements. The problem is: how to know (not guess!) Why your visitors do not convert? And what will convince them to do so? And the results for these tests “at the lucky little happiness” are often the same: disappointing and discouraging.
Mistake # 3. Summarize optimizing the conversion rate to ergonomics and design, and setup A / B testing. These are certainly important points. But these are just two of the puzzle. For us, these are just steps 6 and 7 of our methodology. And the 5 steps that precede them are those who make the difference. And allow to move from a 10% increase to a 150% increase your sales.

That’s why we designed the Lemon Conversion Model as a holistic and scientific approach, with a strong strategic dimension and Marketing. Far beyond mere “best practices” or tests at random luck.

A methodology built around proven processes and a unique mix of skills in marketing and web marketing. Essential to ensure a substantial increase in sales (or leads) to each of our clients.
A methodology designed for up to two
(or three!) digits of your turnover.

Discover the Lemon Conversion Model, its proven processes and steps to achieve increases averaging 50 to 350% of the conversion rate of your website.

# 1. Analyze
# 2. Understand
# 3. Strengthen
# 4. Adapt
# 5. To convince
# 6. Guide
# 7. Test
# 8. To interpret

# 1. Analyze

Diving in your market:

Immerse yourself in your business and your market to understand all the workings. Analyze the marketing strategy and your competitors’ products. To be able to develop a competitive advantage for your marketing approach and positioning of your offer.

Strategic analysis:

Analyze your offer, positioning and your web marketing strategy to identify elements that capitalize as well as opportunities for improvement.

‘Consumer Experience’

Explore your website in the shoes of a visitor “ordinary” to detect: the unclear parts, blocking points, items confusing, etc.

Marketing & Analytics Report:

Analyze your marketing campaigns and your audience data to deliver valuable insights and objectives and guide the optimization work.

Areas / Skills: Market Intelligence – Web Analytics – Marketing Analysis – oriented Audit conversion – Competitive Analysis
Why you’ll love working with us …
You set the goals. We get the results.

We are not there to deliver just some theoretical recommendations. Or set up an A / B. We handle all the steps to explode the growth of your website. Including design phases, Marketing Writing / copywriting, technical integration, etc.

No need to call in an outside provider. No additional costs. Or extra work for your team. You focus on your business. And we on increasing income from your website.



No blah. No unnecessary jargon. What concrete. And results.

We are not paid by the word. Nor give you a record of theoretical recommendations, unnecessary and unenforceable. We are here to bring you results. Sell ​​more. And blow away your revenue.
You know exactly what we report to you.

We have no fear of being judged on our results. On the contrary. This is part of the DNA of Digital Seer. All our actions are measurable. And measured. You know exactly the increases in sales we are the source for your web site.


What our customers …
“Digital Seer enabled us to multiply by 2.5 our conversion rate. ”

“Again thank you on behalf of all SpeakyPlanet team for the considerable contribution of Digital Seer.

We called Digital Seer at a critical time when our conversion rate had greatly deteriorated and where we could not understand why.

Digital Seer then intervened, and with much method, and a very talented copywriting, allowed us in less than six months to multiply by 2.5 our conversion rate.

Suffice to say that morale is back in good shape in the SpeakyPlanet team, and our business performance are now beyond our expectations. ”

Franck Fievet, co-founder of SpeakyPlanetLogo – SpeakyPlanet
“Two times more calls and customers through our site! ”

“Digital Seer has helped us optimize all aspects of the conversion of our website – which is a major source of customers for our company.

Results: twice more calls and customers through our site! And those who call us are almost already won!

We were really impressed. Great job and friendly staff to work with. I highly recommend Digital Seer. ”

Nicolas Pannecouke, CEO – NettoyageLogo Igloo – Igloo Cleaning
Recognized expertise and proven!

Thibault Vincent, founder of the agency Digital Seer, is the author of “The Web Works! Return on its site, blog or app through effective digital strategy “, published by Pearson Publishing.

Already sold several thousand copies and praised by the press, the book has become a reference book and a bestseller in its category. He also published “The Affiliation: Booster its Internet Sales”, with Pearson Publishing.

We also work regularly for courses and conferences in France and abroad (La Sorbonne, Ecole Centrale Nantes, Inseec, JCertif, Salon des Entrepreneurs, SEO Camp Day, etc.), as well as in the media.
How to work with us?
We only work with a limited number of clients simultaneously. This is what allows us to guarantee this type of results. And maintain a first-class service quality.

We can not take that few new clients. Only a few places each quarter. Despite many requests. At present, we have a waiting list of over a month.

(So ​​if you do not leave your place to someone else and you really want to increase your turnover, contact us now!)



Ready to boost the growth of your website?

We choose our customers based on our ability to provide them with outstanding results. And their motivation, their spirit, their desire to succeed and move forward quickly.

We need to feel, and you, that we are “made to work together.”

We are proud to work with customers passionate, bold, offering products or services of high quality and wanting to transform their sector. And we are happy to work with you if this is your case!

To offer you the best possible impact on your results, we can only accept customers combining the following criteria:

At least 10,000 unique visitors per month
And / or $ 50,000 minimum annual revenue through your website
Or, case by case: Being in a major investment phase to expand the growth of your website
Sell ​​your own products or services
A product (s) or service (s) found (s) for its / their quality
Being ambitious, results-oriented, and have the will to propel the growth of your business

If it does not (yet) your case, we can still help. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our tips for optimizing the conversion rate of your website.

If you meet these criteria, do not wait and ask now your “Check-Up Essentials – Conversion”. Free and without obligation. And without warranty blah. (More details below).

This is an opportunity for you to have an overview of how we work and what we can do for you. And for us to judge the potential of your website. And whether we are “made to work together.”
Ask your “Check-Up Essentials – Conversion”.
Free and without obligation. And without warranty blah.

Important: We can only achieve this “Check-Up” for websites that meet the criteria above.

The “Check-Up Essentials – Conversion” is based on a model of analysis that we designed to establish the current level and conversion potential of your website. And provide you with first practical recommendations for optimization. It is free and without obligation. And without warranty blah.

Why offer this free “Check-Up”? Because it allows us to evaluate your website for potential collaboration. And allows you to have a concrete idea of ​​what we can provide. Without engagement.


How does the “Check-Up Essentials – Conversion”:

We proceed upstream evaluation of your website according to our analysis model.
You are contacted by one of our experts for a telephone consultation of 20 minutes during which we detail with you the results of our analysis and recommendations for optimizing your site.
It is followed by a session of questions / answers where we answer all your questions about the conversion.
You receive then email, synthesis of our analysis and recommendations.
Free and without obligation.
No blah. No small talk. Concrete. Practical recommendations.

Ask your “Check-Up Essentials – Conversion”

Free and without obligation.