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Web Analytics

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Web Analytics

Web analytics and is a key element in many of the web of big business. SMEs may well make intelligent use of the tools on the market for free. The problem is knowing how to use, present reports and solutions to problems. The union with the marketing department and the computer is essential for making the necessary changes and adaptations.
The main advantage of the Internet is that we know almost everything about the way users interact on our website, the roads are still the majority, where they encounter a barrier, etc. It should be as powerful as the analysis tool that is made of the data. This will allow us to maximize publicity, improve the usability of the web, and even services. We may give priority to the most profitable items. More and better know our target audience. Identify opportunities for improvement and business; better analysis of performance indicators: KPI (key indicators of interest or parameters).
It basically involves Google Adwords Expert Specialists defining conversions (registration, contact, sales, form, call, etc.), measuring them, knowing from whence came those users that have made and in making decisions according to the data we have.
With all this work you can check what the most profitable digital marketing company channels are those that cost the company money, which generate more than one kind of conversions, etc. With all that you can make decisions as to invest more in a channel, stop advertising in half, or focus on a particular segment of customers who are most money are leaving the company.
Improve conversions
We can improve conversion processes to identify where users are going during the process. We can see what users are doing almost perform a conversion. And they can do A / B test to enhance form, a record, or the process.
Web analytics is an ideal complement SEO Agency, PPC management company advertising analyze, display, our social channels, etc.
Reports web analytics
After setting everything you need to analyze the results of the various campaigns and channels available to the company all the necessary reports. So that from a single dashboard you can be able to understand what the real situation of the company.
Audits web analytics
First of all it is recommended that an audit of web analytics. The web audit would be:

Business analysis and strategy.
Know the objectives and needs.
Defining KPI (key indicators of interest or parameters).
Knowing what web analytics tool.
It will establish how to report their frequency, the type of recommendations that include and who will be designed.

Subsequently, the necessary changes would be implemented to audit web link building service analytics.