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SEO Costs of Outsourcing vs In-House

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SEO Costs of Outsourcing vs In-House

Should you outsource SEO or manage an in-house agency?


Have you ever wondered how much SEO should cost? Is there a standardized price for SEO? Are you charging your clients the right amount?

The reason why the cost of SEO varies is because it is a service. It’s cost depends on a client’s business with several factors to consider like how competitive the client’s market is, how many keywords to use and how common and aggressive they are, how large is the website and how complex it is but most importantly, SEO cost will be based on the number of hours you put into it.

For other marketing companies, they outsource to SEO agencies and this will be the deciding factor on how much they will charge their client. But, should you outsource?

With outsourcing SEO, you get a team of experienced professionals who will do the work for you and it’s cheaper versus maintaining an in house firm. SEO is constantly changing with Google and other search engine’s algorithm continuously updating. You need not buy tools and pay for trainings, leaving you saved money and time when you outsource. Lastly, it’s always better to have a team of experts rather than just one or two people working on the execution so you can deliver faster and without delay. But what do you look for in an agency?

With our digital advertising agency, DigitalSeer, our strategies are white-hat and Google-approved. We are the exclusive fulfillment team of Craig McConnel who is a world-renowned expert on Search Engine Optimization who has worked with dozens of different organizations to enhance their online presence. Craig is particularly well-known for his SEO link building strategies and link earning Road Map, a simple yet powerful step-by-step process for brand strengthening and revenue growth. Some of the more noteworthy companies that have benefited from using this these linking strategies are Sketchers, Public Storage, Acura, and Disney World.

If you want your company to be known for being able to provide SEO that works, then Digital Seer is the only agency that can take you there. Our clients have been penalty- free for the last 16 years and we are the only one offering rankings for by keywords at a great value and affordable cost.

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