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Audit and Clean up Local Citations for Free

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Audit and Clean up Local Citations for Free

Local Citation Cleanups | A How To Guide

Search engine optimization (SEO) has always been important for businesses looking to build their web presence, but in recent years, local SEO has become equally as important.
With how competitive national SEO is, local SEO provides another way for businesses to stand out, and it’s a great way to bring in more customers. When people are looking for businesses in their area, they typically turn to their computers or smartphones. If your business ranks near the top because of its local SEO, you’ll have a huge advantage.
One key factor Google uses in determining local search results is the information available about a business online, including its name, address and phone number. It looks for this on both a business’s site, as well as any other sites or directories listing that information, such as Yelp. If there are any discrepancies from listing to listing, that can have a negative impact on your local SEO.

The first thing you should do to improve your local SEO is make sure that all these local citations are consistent. Here’s how you can do just that with out an expert citation cleanup service:

1. Locate Your Business’s Online Listings

You can’t fix citations if you have no idea where they are. Fortunately, there are plenty of services that can provide a list of all the places online with local citations for your business.
These services typically provide a list for you and offer to correct any citation issues for a fee. Although you can pay to have this done, you can also save money by doing it on your own. Moz and Yext are two options that can pull up your business’s listings at directories for you.

2. Determine What You Want Your Listing to Be

Once you’ve gotten all the listings, you need to decide on what you’d like your business’s listing to be. This includes the exact name, address and phone number, along with the category you’ll select for your business. Keep in mind that narrower categories mean less competition.

The way you present your NAP name, address and phone number must remain consistent everywhere, including online listings, your business’s site, email signatures and business cards. Make a list of any directories that have a conflicting citation, even if it’s a small difference.

3. Update the Information with Each Listing Site

You don’t need to worry about the directories that already have the correct information for your business. For any that don’t, you’ll need to get the information updated. This is a simple process, and with most directories, you can do it by registering for a profile with your business.

After you have a profile for your business on a directory, you’re in control of how its name, address and phone number appears, and you can change any of them through the edit feature on your profile. You can also respond when people leave reviews. There are some directories that have a more in-depth process for updating listings, such as sending a letter to them. The exact process will be listed on each directory’s site.

4. Wait a Few Weeks and Follow Up

Updates may not be instantaneous with every directory, which means you’ll need to follow up after waiting a few weeks. When you’re done waiting, pull up all your local citations just like you did in step one and see if the ones you updated have the correct information listed. If not, get in touch with them to ask about it.

After you’ve gotten those local citations corrected, you can take further steps to boost your local SEO with Nap consistency, such as encouraging customers to leave positive reviews. But it all starts with getting your business’s name, address and phone number consistent across all of its online listings. Combine that with other effective local SEO strategies to see your business start to climb the local search results.