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The 10 most important SEO factors ranking in Google

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The 10 most important SEO factors ranking in Google

Google uses over 200 factors SEO Agency ranking ranking of a website, of course he never communicated publicly what these factors and their relative importance in the ranking, the main reason is that Google changes their algorithms more than 500 times a year are which has been, where it is in their interests to continue to lead the global market for Internet search engines.

Because to be aware of the importance of each of these 200 factors SEO ranking in each item we generate from our website, it is if not impossible, something that most eludes us, I’ll tell you what are now the 10 factors most important SEO ranking in Google, something much more affordable and efficient to consider.
1. Include keywords at the beginning of the article

For example, suppose you want to position the keyword “Beer of Seville”, then in the ranking of Google is more important an article whose title is:

“The Sevilla Breweries serve the best tapas”

Instead of following title:

“The best tapas in Seville breweries”
2. Length of contents

Although this factor in the ranking of SSL SEO Google is much speculation and there are different opinions, the reality is that Google likes that our content is extensive and includes various formats such as text, images, video, computer graphics, etc.

Apparently items with less than 300 words are usually not indexed or if they do, Google does not give much importance, has also been found that from 2,500 words the ratio does not improve much we try hard to highlight writing texts we lengthy.

Something that seems quite appropriate in this ranking factor is to write between 400 and 900 words, because if the item is too large, we run the risk of boring the reader and do not forget to write for people who are usually very busy.
3. speed page load

As I told you in my previous article on the loading speed of Web sites, this ranking factor is ESSENTIAL.

Google recommends that the website no later than 2 seconds to fully charge, this is sometimes quite complicated by the type of page or technology used, but we must do what it takes to be too close to that figure.
4. Prominence of keywords and position

It is known that currently Google pays little attention to the density of keywords in SEO Link Building & Earning, but takes into account the items that include the keywords in strategic places such as the URL, the beginning of the article and H1 … H3 tags
5. Authority of page

Although Google recognizes that each day gives less importance to PageRank truth is that the quantity and quality of inbound links or backlinks still have a lot of weight on the authority of a website.
6. Domain Authority

This is achieved by creating great PPC management content and distributing it through our social networks.

I leave a link where you can check the authority of your Web domain. http://moz.com/researchtools/ose
7. Relevance of links

According glimpse Google the relevance of inbound links is the new PageRank, must be of Web sites related to our theme to have positive value, ie, if your website is about marketing, are useless links from farms indiscriminate links, or for example, web sites that explain breweries.
8. Bounce rate

It is clear that a Google PPC Company is interested in showing the most relevant results in your browser, so take into account how users interact within our site, the time spent on it is very important in the ranking of Google, because if the rate bounce is very high, our site will be considered of poor quality.
9. Responsive Design

Currently over 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, which makes this ranking factor is of considerable link building Services importance. Google prefers websites with customizable design these devices that sites that use a separate Web master with a mobile version.
10. Poor Content or duplicate

Some Web sites, mainly due to the technology used in its construction, summary or duplicate pages with different URLs to the original brand story marketing, so that Google sees this as contained poor or doubled, which lowers their position these websites when present in the search results.