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Google Adwords PPC Agency What’s this?

As a Google AdWords PPC Agency this is the free tool from Google for search advertising. The advertiser determines under what terms (keywords) appears his AD, when someone searches on Google for it. Google assigns to each search result page eleven places for Google AdWords ads; three above, which are easily highlighted in yellow and eight on the right. You see Google AdWords PPC Agency ads to the Note “Display”. In addition, Google also displayed ten ordinary web pages that have been found for your search. Clicking on these search results will cost the owner of the website no money. Therefore a top position in these search results is understandably very popular.

The award of ad position expires as an auction. It offers on a keyword, the most wins bidder and awarded the Ad Rank 1, when searching for his keyword. But the system that Google has come up for Google AdWords is a little more complex. The one whose ad was clicked particularly frequently in the past, pay less for a click. So must be a Google AdWords PPC Agency newbie may pay for the keyword “marketing” 80 cents per click, and another advertiser who is already longer here, only 60 cents. Google wants to reward so that those who are with your web site is very close to the search term, which the seeker has entered.

When your ad is shown, you decide for yourself by setting, at what times, in which region and for what target group the ad is triggered. Suppose you sell roses in Phoenix Then you do not want anyone to address with your offer, looking in Hamburg to Rosen, only potential customers from your neighborhood. That’s possible with Google AdWords PPC Agency. You can also specify that your display can be switched just four hours in the morning and 17 to 21 clock, because you think that your clients are exactly at these times according to Rosen. This is also possible with Google AdWords.

Why search advertising?
Google AdWords – What is it?
Advantages Google AdWords.
Why Google AdWords Agency?
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Benefits of Google
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Advantages Google AdWords

With Google AdWords PPC Agency you manage to steer in a very short time a lot of traffic to your website. You will benefit from the world’s largest advertising network and have the opportunity for your brand, your service or your product to market around the globe. You always have control over your budget. You decide how much money you want to invest in Google AdWords per day.

The flexibility is one of the advantages of Google AdWords. You can specify precisely in which city or region in which – even kilometers exactly the environment in which – you want to address your audience. This is a big advantage of Google AdWords especially for locally-based trader. Your advertising also does not have to be seen as on a Litfaßsäule, day and night, but only if your customers are online.

This PPC Agency is also interesting not only for big purses possible but just for small businesses. The scattering losses are low and entry is possible with only a few euro advertising budget per day. What matters is how the demand market segment is, by moving. Basically, the cheapest prices click there in the niche.

Another advantage of Google AdWords is that there are numerous options to expand your marketing campaigns. The start takes place mostly on the display of your ads in the normal Google search. Once this step done, the second phase in which you can be present with your ads on pages in the Google Network follows. Imagine, your ad to mountaineering equipment is displayed in a forum in which exchange information about their hobby climbers. This can be very beneficial for you!

Even if you have videos or graphical advertising material, the Google ad network in conjunction with Google AdWords PPC Agency is the perfect platform. And here you have full control again. Pages where you do not want to appear with your advertising, can be carried out conveniently from the advertising environment.
Conversion Optimizer

The Conversion Optimizer is the most exciting field in search engine marketing. Because with the Conversion Optimizer, it’s about understanding the target audience so that as none of the beginning of the contact (the advertisement) to the conversion (for example, a purchase) jump off. Admittedly, this is utopia, but it also is not a matter of 100 potential clients to recruit 100 to buyers, but the approach to the maximum.

Based on Google AdWords does this mean for the Conversion Optimizer, we optimize the campaigns step by step so that you arrive for valuable customers to your site. What are valuable customers? These are customers who are looking for exactly what you offer. Whether it’s a service, a product or just information. For this purpose, it is said that Conversion Optimizer is always a process and not a single action. Anyone who wants to optimize, the need to deal very intensively with the audience and with the offer on the landing page. Only when both blends, then optimal conditions for conversion are met.

As already mentioned, the offer, but also the representation of the landing page (landing page) plays an important role in the Conversion Optimizer for the best PPC Agency. Sometimes repositioning of buying buttons can already cause a conversion increase of over 100%. Therefore, the layout of the landing page is extremely important. You can rely on our years of experience in the Conversion Optimizer. We create custom landing pages that ensure high usability and arouse emotions among your customers that encourage them to conversion.

By conversion optimization we make visits to customers and ensure that you get out of your budget the maximum. Because by improving landing page and a specific approach already in the ad text, we are able to generate more high-quality customer contacts with the same monetary use. You will see that even small measures of Conversion Optimizer will result in a resounding success.